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Strength and Conditioning Coach Don Bouge II

Coach Don Bouge II

Don Bouge II or Coach B as he is known by the kids he trains at Power, is the Owner and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for A Better Athlete, LLC.  Coach B has been involved with youth basketball in Arizona since 2005, holding positions at Highland High, Mesquite High, and with the Arizona Warriors.  Coach B established and ran The Phoenix Flyers Basketball Club from 2008-2012 where all but one player moved on to play for their high school or junior high teams, the club also maintained a 3.8 GPA.  “Development on and off the court are very important to me as a coach!  We need to always remember that we are dealing with Student Athletes”

In 2012, Coach B decided to embark on a new adventure and went to Maryland to train with and learn the Stronger Team System from World Renowned trainer Alan Stein.  Coach B is Arizona’s representative for The Stronger Team Nation and has been endorsed by Alan Stein himself ( )

Arizona has a huge need for Basketball Specific Strength and Conditioning and Coach B is here to fill it!  “I am on a mission to change the landscape of basketball in Arizona, I will focus on building Better Athletes from the foundation up”

What others are saying:

  • Just spoke with Jake Toolson (Highland). Man he’s leaned out and is looking good. He gave credit to@DonBougeII

    Scott Lovely

  • S/o to @DonBougeII for hosting @AlanStein today. GREAT time at the Cutting Edge/A Better Athlete Clinic. 1st class event all the way around!

    Mykael C Wright

  • Shout out to @DonBougeII On a great clinic today! Don is the head strength And conditioning coach for Mesquite basketball. #Respect

    Dustin Cooper

  • Also S/O to my boy @DonBougeII for all his help not just this morning but every practice with him.#PowerFam

    Connor Mac

  • Had a great chat w/my man @DonBougeII last night. Can’t wait to have him start working with our players.#SCP #aBetterAthlete #superfriends

    Commander King

  • great stuff today Coach B!!!!! You even had my guy Dance banging out he was so hyped

    Kyle Dodd

  •  Coach B is the x-factor behind our speed/agility work @ #APBA!!!

    Jeff Becker

  • Shout out to @DonBougeII for holding down #toughmanfriday at APBA! This man adds value!#advalorem

    Sundance Wicks

  • @DonBougeII put us through a great circuit on tough man Friday!

    Brandon Hoffer

  • @AlanStein has had a presence in the POWER academy every day for the last 4 weeks BC of@DonBougeII bringing the heat in the first 30! #APBA

    Sundance Wicks

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